Agarbatti: The Original Incense Stick


The original incense is made of materials consisting of wood, charcoal, barks, seeds, leaves and others with essential oils, mineral, aromatic chemicals. All of these materials are pasted to a bamboo core stick or dipping into a mixture of perfumes and essential oils. This was originally known as Agarbatti, an incense stick.

Agarbatti. Photo:

Agarbatti is an Indian word for Incense stick. The incense using agarbatti was used for daily rituals and traditions of the past. It creates atmosphere that symbolizes purity, holiness, and divinity. When this incense gushes in the air, the distinctive fragrance entices, relaxes, refreshes, and creates scintillating magic. The fragrance gives warmth to your lives and the presence of the divine can be felt.

Agarbatti is designed to enhance meditation including yoga practice, and inner work.

Today agarbatti is used in all temple and domestic offerings by millions of the world. With their aromatic properties, the emanating fumes purify the environment and can give vitalizing and invigorating effect on individuals. This can also act as natural disinfectant.

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