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Facts about Mad Hatter Incense

You hear about Mad Hatter as character from fairy tales. Don’t confuse about this name because Mad Hatter is incense. The K2 has produced this hottest new incense, the Mad Hatter Incense. It is a new level of cool scent. … Continue reading

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Different Design of Incense Holders

There are different incense holders not only use as container for incense, but add attraction to the place it is set. Some of these incense holders are enumerated below. One incense holder is made of melted wine bottle. This holder … Continue reading

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Features of Lawudo Incense

Rhododendron and juniper are the composition of Lawudo incense. This is magical incense in such a way that the scent produce is unfamiliar. The smell is a combination of fresh herbs or multi-herbal scents. Lawudo smells like frankincense, but also … Continue reading

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Variety of Best Incense

Incense has many uses; thus, the best incense depends upon its use. Two thirds of the world population use incense. They may use it in different purposes. Incense is usually use in ceremonies such as in worships and even in … Continue reading

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Incense Definition

Incense is an aromatic substance acquired from certain resinous trees with aromatic biotic materials which release fragrant smoke when burned.  The odor produces from smoke is not the incense, but the substance that is burned. The original incense which was … Continue reading

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Incense Wholesale


Incense can be useful and very common as magical tools. There are many practitioners that use incense for every magical act, from simple meditations to elaborated rituals. Actually it is not power or versatile tool but it is very useful. … Continue reading

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Advantages of Frankincense and Myrrh Incense


In ancient years, essential oils like holy oils were hidden from people. These things were considered valuable especially frankincense and myrrh. Their value is the same with gold. Not only that it is expensive, both have different uses and these … Continue reading

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Agarbatti: The Original Incense Stick


The original incense is made of materials consisting of wood, charcoal, barks, seeds, leaves and others with essential oils, mineral, aromatic chemicals. All of these materials are pasted to a bamboo core stick or dipping into a mixture of perfumes … Continue reading

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Buy Incense Online to Assure 100% Natural Substance


Buying incense is sometimes tedious because you don’t know what particular store or shop is selling incense. You may either in doubt of the quality of incense you might buy because you don’t know where this incense comes from. What … Continue reading

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Frankincense and Myrrh


Getting to Know Frankincense and Myrrh Once people have heard the word frankincense and myrrh, usually the first thing that comes in their mind is the biblical story in which these served as the gifts offered by the wise men … Continue reading

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