How to Burn Incense Sticks

The intention of burned incense is a sacrificial offering to various deity or serving as an aid of prayer. Incense cannot serve its purpose if no smoke produces. You have to do something that can cause your ingredients into burning state whether a combustible or non-combustible incense.

By adding of binding and a combustible material directly to the incense mixture such as in cones or sticks and one end is lit, the flame then fanned out, the incense is burned continuously. For the non-combustible incense, it is heated using charcoal.

Using cones or sticks incense, burning is straightforward and simple. Just light one end of the stick or cone, fan out the flame and allow to slowly burn. But it depends upon also of the culture because to blow out the flame, it is considered disrespectful to all that is nature. Burning of loose incense mixtures or incense pellets, then you’ll need charcoal or makko to heat the mixtures. Outdoors burning of incense can be placed directly in a small campfire.

In burning of incense, you need incense burning vessel. It might be a cup, bowl or saucer. Whether a non-combustible incenses or combustible one, you still need a burning vessel. Handmade incense burner is advisable because it blends perfectly with the burning of natural incense.

How to burn incense sticks is simply lighting the one end of the stick and slowly burning by fanning out the flame. A simple wooden incense boat is the most common type of stick incense burner.

burning incense stick
burning incense stick. (c) happione

When we talk about convenience, stick incense is the most popular form because it consistently burns all the way through, longer time, clean, and a very high quality smoke.

When burning an incense stick, the first step is to get it lit. Just hold a flame to the coated end until the stick lights on fire. If the flame doesn’t go out naturally, you can blow it out using a fan. The stick should not be on fire, but instead you make it smolder. A steady stream of smoke should be released on a glowing tip of the incense stick. By the way, it will take around 30 seconds of smoldering before you can have a true scent release from the incense stick.

Incense stick should be placed securely into an appropriate incense stick burner once it is smoldering. The simple incense stick burner is the boat. Just securely place the bamboo end of the stick into the little hole in the raised part of the boat.

A burning incense stick can be placed in an incense dish or tray with one or more holes and snug into the hole to avoid falling out causing fire.

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  1. hi, i find that the flat stick incense burners do not catch the ashes that fall and are left all over the table I burn the incense on. You do not have to spend anything on an incense burner. (I am a big fan of homemade stuff). I have used a plant, the dirt holds the stick securely and catches all the ashes, or just a pot of dirt. I made one today using a plastic container and rocks. The stick does not burn down to the container so don’t worry about melting it. I filled it with ‘river’ rocks and holds the stick just fine and catches all the ashes. thanks

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