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Incense Burning Needs Ideal Incense Burners

Burning of incense, herbs, wood, and other substances can be done using censer or incense burners. This is done before rituals to cleanse and purify the air. Burning of incense or other substances is carrying wishes up to God and Goddess.

Burning incense is simple as lighting a match but because of many different types of incense, burning can be complicated. Thus, incense burner depends upon the kind of incense you need to use.

incense burner

Although burning of incense can be done on ceramic plate or any non-flammable surface, the burning should be done with extra care to avoid fire. It doesn’t care whether the burner is ornate or simple as long as it is fire safety.

In burning of cone and cylinder incense, good incense burners must be chosen not only because you have to catch the ash but an assurance that you don’t start a fire. Cone and cylinder incense burn away completely; thus, you need a surface that has resistance to heat. It is advisable to use incense burner with wooden core on a wooden incense burner when burning cone or stick incense.

incense burner

Brass burners which are usually small brass with lids are the common form of incense burner when burning cone incense. The brass of this incense burner can easily be ruined by the oils and resins, so you have to clean the burner regularly. The continuous use of brass incense burners will take the scent on their own.

The bottom of cone burners should have a small amount of sand, ash, or dry grain to improve air flow under the cone which will help burning, and the burner should be protected from heat. Brass burner is not safe in wood surfaces even if it is raised because brass conducts heat that can start a fire. The ideal surface for a brass burner is ceramic tile or plate.

On wooden surfaces, the soapstone burner is ideal because it doesn’t conduct heat, but it is too expensive.

incense burning
Burning incense powder. Picture:

Incense burners for loose incense are complicated because you need basically a small charcoal grill burner made of brass. Put a small sand or ash, or use a metal screen at the bottom of the bowl to keep the charcoal disk off that is usually done. A charcoal brick is usually place in the burner and light edges for the loose incense on top of the burning charcoal to release the scent into the air.

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