Incense Oil

Incense is made from aromatic plant material which is often combined with essential oils. The types of incense differ with the underlying culture, and the advance technology changes its form and the way it burns.

The main purpose of burning incense is for aromatherapy in creating spiritual atmosphere in religious rites and ceremonies, and in general use is for masking unpleasant odors.

The natural resins, gums and herbs were usually burned as incense since in the ancient time with the purpose for meditation. Medicinal healing due to the fragrance it produces and the odor masking properties.

incense oil

Due to the development of technology, incense is available in many different forms of natural ingredients or synthetic ingredients. There is a danger when the incense is made with synthetic ingredients due to the toxic substance that can fill the air. Thus, incense with synthetic ingredients is not used in the practice of holistic aromatherapy.

Natural incense can be made at home if you know where to find natural ingredients.

The common available forms of incense with the use of essential oils are the dipped incense sticks. These are made with incense blanks of thin wooden sticks that have combustible powder coating such as charcoal or wood. The incense oil is used here because the incense blanks are dipped in either essential oils or synthetic fragrance oils and then left to dry. But the danger here is the incense blanks which are made of inferior pressed woods and glues can be toxic when burned. The essential oil here is not contributing toxin, but the material use in forming the incense can be toxic.

Another kind of incense is the cone in which oil is also utilized in this form. Cones that have natural ingredients composition are available. The natural oil here is mixed with the combustible powder to burn properly.

The Japanese incense which is called “Koh” in Japanese language is made with oils that mix with powdered woods, resins, herbs forming like spaghetti.

The natural oils are made from the plants and other natural ingredients. Even essential oils were available at such an early date, but the fragrances were in the form of incense and ointments.

The incense oil cannot be considered as incense because the incense forms is not actually liquid. The oil here is just a part of the ingredients to make it combustible. Incense is made by burning and it is a tradition wherein the aroma and the scents that fill the air are done through burning.

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