Myrrh Incense

Myrrh Incense: The Precious Natural Scent

Myrrh is a thorny tree species which grows in dry stony soil. The tree bleeds a resin. It is done when a wound penetrates through the bark and into the sapwood. It is a natural gum which we called Myrrh resin. This myrrh gum is waxy and easily coagulates. As it ages, the white streaks emerge.

Myrrh is one of the ingredients in making incense due to its natural property as miracle herb. During baby Jesus’ birth, myrrh was one of the three gifts given to Him. The word myrrh is from the miracle Herb. It is derived from the word morr which means bitter.

Myrrh tree
Myrrh tree. Photo:

For religious ceremonies and rites, myrrh is used as one of the ingredients in making incense. It is known with frankincense and cost like gold. A lot of people would be interested about myrrh and it is like a treasure.

The consecrated incense used in the first and second temple at Jerusalem as describe in the Hebrew Bible and Talmud is that myrrh was an ingredient of Ketoret. The important component of the Temple service was an offering made of the Koret on a special incense altar.

Pure Myrrh incense is the symbol of the sweet fruits of the Holy Spirit. The rising smoke of the burned myrrh represents our prayer towards heaven. Once you have that smoke rising, all impurities are cleansed and you can now receive the blessings from God.

In Roman Catholic Church, burning incense was accepted as a practice. During Christian liturgical celebrations, incense myrrh is offered because it is mention in the New Testament of the Bible. More scents are used in almost every service of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches and it is mixed with frankincense.

While in churches of Eastern and Western rites, myrrh is used to prepare the sacramental chrism. Traditionally, Eastern Orthodox Church uses myrrh scented oil to perform the sacraments of chrismation and unction.

Myrrh is not only used as incense, but it is also used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming of mummies.


The essential oil from Myrrh was important for the Hebrew people in anointing the altar of the Jewish temple. For several religious ceremonies and customs, myrrh incense is very important.

In trading of Myrrh in the olden days, camel caravans were used. For the distribution throughout the Mediterranean region, the Nabateans were responsible.

Since myrrh is costly, just expect that you have to pay a big amount of money. But you won’t have regrets if you can have myrrh mix with the incense.

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