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Choosing incense to buy can be easy, but be sure to know the kind of incense you are looking for. One thing that you have to consider is how pure the incense that is found in your local shop.

You can ask help from your friend or try to look on the net which incense shop in town that has good quality incense. There are a lot of varieties of incense that made you confuse which forms really fit your need.

incense shop

Choose incense specifically conducive to enhance and enrich the meditative experience. Actually there are thousands of types of incense out there. Maybe the same incense, but only slight variations with each other. You are lucky if you can have an incense shop nearby which has available incense that suits your preference. If it is found in the nearby grocery store but it has limited selection, then better look for other stores. Out of the 16 common incenses, you are lucky if you find a store that has at least 10 incenses available.

Choosing the good incense in shop, remember these basic differences and types:

  • The most popular and widely known forms are the stick incense. It contains wooden core with incense attached to the stick.
  • If it has no wooden core then it is Japanese incense. It is known for its super clean burning and forms very thin sticks.
  • Tibetan incense is the same size with the stick incense but without a wooden core. This is made to fill an entire temple that has an earthly scent.

Now that you know the basic types of incense, don’t hesitate to ask from the store you intent to buy. You can determine the right incense out of the basic knowledge you have.

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